• Title Insurance

      Title insurance protects your financial investment against potential future claims as set out in a title insurance policy. Crawford County searches, researches and reviews the Crawford County deed and court records to ensure that when you purchase property, you have marketable title. It will then, on behalf of its underwriters, issue a title insurance policy that protects your investment. Title insurance is suggested for all real estate purchases and is usually required by in all transactions financed through a bank or other lenders.

    • Closing Services

      Crawford County Title Company also offers closing services to make your real estate transaction as seamless as possible. Our closing agents will help finalize your real estate transaction by coordinating with all parties involved to schedule a date and time that all parties can be present to complete the transaction. In the event that every party cannot be present at the closing, our agents can make special arrangements to ensure your transaction closes. Our agents gather all of the closing documents required and obtain any necessary signatures from the appropriate parties. Agents will also notarize signed closing documents, disburse any funds, and record signed and notarized closing documents.

    • Property Title Searches

      A property title search reveals any documents recorded that affect the title of a piece of property such as any prior deeds, deeds of trust, liens, judgments, easements, and any other recorded documents. The search establishes who the current owner is and what encumbrances currently exist against the property. A title search is required before a title insurance policy will be issued.